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Move the person to another topic above you

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Re: Move the person to another topic above you

Post  Peek on Thu Nov 23, 2017 12:52 pm

There was a reason why it was locked. It is the same thing as Ban the person above you. Locked.

IsaacOURWORLD wrote:                                                                                            WARNING
                                                                                     This has already been locked so i had to make
                                                                                                              a copy.
So anyways, WHAT IS THIS? This is a Forum Game where you have to move the person to another topic above you. Not in the real way, but legit, Huh? (example:) Let's...umm... take a random person in here. Lets take in Mr. Insane Guy.

You: Moves Mr. Insane to another topic because... and put your reason why.


No hate, racism, or feelings towards others.

No spamming emotes, links, videos, vice versa.

No random videos, nudity, vice versa.

No all caps

Same rules as the forums allows.

*You can have the  and emotes too, if you want.

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